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Poor, street and slums children project has started form 2005 (In starting), and from that time we are working in this project. Every six month we had surveyed and find poor and street children and a fix date we had given him medical facilities free of cost according our capacity. Our volunteer and friends help in this project time to time by fundraising, donation and ideas, all children who came here very poor and their's family situation is very bad condition. Some children have no place for live. Some children they have no parents, some children they work different people house as a servant, before some children they were related with drug addiction. We always welcome all needy and poor children in this programme. In the society all people look them very bad eyes and they don't like them because they very poor and uneducated but no body come for make a change. So this reason I tried to come with my volunteers let see how long I will go...

It is very important they should know that about global warming and nature also because we all human can be leave more well if we will be friendly way with the nature.

Our main motto is to make all children self-confidence so that they can stay upon their's feet on this world. Here in our Dayitwa Pariwar all children feel very safe and very happy moods because outside peoples look them very bad eyes and abusing these all children never get a good behave with anyone except their's parents so this reason we try to give them love and happiness according our capacity and our volunteer make it more well ... we also provide health care programme for the kids it runs every two week in one month. Doctor came in a fix place and he gives his treatment to the kids and if someone sick or any problem then we give medicine to help them. Shortly children get here education with fun so this reason they learn quick and fast.

Goal of future

In the future we want to built a big school/Hospitals in Varanasi where lots of kids could get a good education with knowledge & shelter. In the future we want to create job offer for the kids like handicraft, arts, etc. so that they create and we will help to sell it to our volunteer and which money we will get that money we will deposit on that kids in the bank account so that after when they will be more than 18th year's they can use this money for his further education. We also want to make there volunteer place so that many volunteer could stay there and work there as a volunteer very practically way. Right now we are collecting fundraising for this programme.

Volunteer ablity

Volunteer should to really interested in this project then we invite for work. Volunteer will have to ask before joining the school as volunteer worker, volunteer age should to be 18th or more, he/she should to deposit there RESUME in the office. Volunteer should also give an idea that how long they will . Volunteer are free to share their passion to and if they have any extra ability we respect them. Volunteer will have to be very regular in his/her work during volunteering. If they have any complain or problem during volunteering they can share with founder.



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